General terms and conditions

For all questions and for more information please contact us:


Ticket sales are not refundable.
In the case that the event does not take place, the value of the ticket will be refunded, excluding the booking fee.


We ask of delegates to be careful and active in putting rubbish / garbage where it belongs. In Germany we separate our rubbish. Please use the correct containers for glass, plastic, paper or normal rubbish.
Should the camping site ask you to correct something regarding your tent placement or tent set up, please adhere and accommodate that request.
Between the hours of 22 p.m. and 7 a.m. in the morning we are to respect the night time in accordance with disturbances and levels of noise that are lawfully acceptable, this means that we take into consideration other users of the camping site, the neighbours near to the event and on the grounds of the event.

Heartbeat Germany is not responsible for damage or loss of personal belongings of delegates during or after the event. Lost property can be found at the check-in area for the event. There are two types of check-in. One for the camping site and one for the event itself. Also, we are not responsible for the swimming area of the Elbe River and each and every person using the river does this at their own risk. Please ensure that you do not swim out further than 100 meters due to under currents that can be dangerous, yet not visible. Although first aid and rescue services are at the site watching over the swimming area, we cannot and do not take responsibility, neither are we liable for individuals that choose to swim in the river.

Please be careful when using BBQ’s, grills, camping stoves or when making open fires, that you do this in areas where it is allowed and where others will not be endangered.

Glass is allowed at the event, however you are requested not to bring glass to the main tents.

Under 16

Every person under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for them during the entire event.

Prayer and Blessing Ministry

Heartbeat Germany has a trained and equipped prayer and blessing ministry team.
We request that every delegate that receives prayer or prophetic ministry during the event, to be individually responsible in proofing and seeking understanding of any impartations received, prior to exercising or deciding anything based on said prayers or prophecies.


Heartbeat Germany respects the privacy of our delegates. During the event our team will be taking photos and filming small scenes, groups or individuals. This material will be solely used by Heartbeat for marketing and promotion purposes and can be used on the website or appear in other advertising media as considered necessary for the furtherance of Heartbeat Germany.

Responsibility and liability

Heartbeat reserves the right to expel delegates from the event and its grounds, when a delegate is not cooperative and / or is acting inacceptably or unlawfully, against hosts, helpers or other delegates.


We kindly inform that the recording of films in any form is not allowed for delegates unless they have explicitly received this assignment from Heartbeat Germany.

Unlawful trading

Unlawful trading is not permitted anywhere on the grounds of the event.

Hotels and accomodation

You are not the type that likes camping?

For those of you who do not like the comfort of tent life or sleeping bags, there are hotels in the area. Hotel bookings are available here.

Camping site

In order to enjoy camping around the presence of God to the fullest, we recommend using our camping site.

Everyone who enjoys camping can pay a small fee for their camping space of 6,50€ per person per night. This fee includes a shower coin and the space for your tent and of course the use of sanitary installations (toilets and handwashing areas). So all you need is your tent, caravan or cabin!

The event runs from Friday afternoon (3pm) to Sunday (3pm) , but if you want to come earlier and stay longer than the event, you are free to do so. The camping site check-in for our event opens on Friday at 12pm. For all of you who are planning a longer holiday or who will be arriving on Saturday, the camping site check-in is usually open daily from 8:00 – 20:00 pm. Please advise us if you require an even later check-in for tent spaces than already indicated above.
Mobile homes and caravans are welcome. For electricity we charge a fee of 2€ per night plus the standard fee of 6.50€ per person per night.
Bookings / reservations of accommodation – please make them via mail or on the phone:

Campingplatz Stover Strand International Kloodt oHG:
+49 40 4177 430.

Be sure to mention the booking code: „Heartbeat Germany“ for our arranged deal. Also be sure to advise what type of area you prefer, QUIET or nearer to the EVENT. If you are disabled (problems with steps) and are planning to book one of the other forms of accommodation (holiday home), please also mention this when booking.


How to get there


Please note: The camping ground Stover Strand International is located in a quiet area at the end of the access road ‘Stover Strand’. You will pass by a restaurant and another smaller camping ground! 

<< Plan your route with Google Maps >>

The Heartbeat Festival will be held south of the Elbe River as there is a good connection to the motorway. It only takes about 30 minutes to reach the festival from Hamburg, Lüneburg or Lauenburg. The Baltic Sea is 100 km away.

For Drivers:

Arrival from the South:

You switch in Maschen from the A7 to the A39. In Handorf you leave the Autobahn and continue on the B404. Before you reach the bridges that cross the Elbe River, you leave the B404 in Rönne taking the direction of Stove. When you reach Stove, follow the signs to the camping ground and follow the access road to the end.

Arrival from the West:

Leave the A1 and turn onto the A7. In Maschen switch to the A39. For the rest of the way follow the directions for the arrival from the South.

Arrival from the North:

Drive on the A25 until you reach Geesthacht, leave the motorway and follow the B404 to Lüneburg. After a few kilometres cross the Elbe River and immediately turn in the direction of Drage. Drive through Rönne, Schwinde and Stove. After that follow the signs to the camping ground and follow the access road to the end.
Arrival from the East:

Leave the A24 when you reach Schwarzenbeck and follow the B404 to Geesthacht. For the rest of the way follow the directions for the arrival from the North.

Arrival by bus:

There are buses that can take you to Geesthacht and Rönne. Experienced people can reach the festival on foot from Rönne. Others need to take the connection bus or call the subsidised collection taxi (04177/252). If you come from Winsen, you can take the bus that will bring you very close to the venue; you’ll just have to walk 150 m.

Arrival by ship / boat:

If you happen to own a boat or ship, you can travel to the port that is right next to the festival. On special occasions passenger ships arrive that go all the way to Hamburg harbour.

By plane, then taxi, train & bus…

Hamburg Airport is the nearest commercial airport and it takes about 1 hour to get to Stover Strand with a car. A taxi from the airport to the festival would cost you about 90€. You can try to share a taxi with another person.

Alternatively take the tube U1 from Hamburg Airport to Hamburg Main Station (Hauptbahnhof) then the Regional Train R30 to (Bahnhof) Winsen Station and then the bus 4405 directly to the camping site (small walk of approx. 5-10 minutes).

The tube, train and bus journey takes approx. 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Travelling to Heartbeat Alone?

Lots of faithful and dedicated worshippers will be travelling to the event on their own, but that does not mean that they need to feel lonely or be alone! For those of you who are coming to the event on your own, please feel free to post on our Facebook page and organize yourself by finding a roommate or tentmate (please of course connect with people of the same sex for obvious reasons). We love family and friendships so we encourage that people would not be alone but feel at home and part of the family.


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